Moto Moto's Feeding Programme for children in Kenya

Did you know that it only costs EUR 0,11 / USD 0,13 / KSH 13 a day to provide a child with a warm meal at school?

Moto Moto is partnering with the "Bignet Education Centre" in Dagoretti, Kenya. This school is a community based organisation offering quality education to children from lower income families. The school hosts over 300 students aged between 2 and 14 years old.

What does the Moto Moto Feeding Programme entail?

The Feeding Programme for this school provides students one hot meal at day. 

Daily school meals are important for many reasons, including:

♥ A daily school meal is a strong incentive to send children to school and keep them there. It increases school enrollment and attendance and decreases drop-out rates.
♥ The meals help increase children's cognitive abilities, allowing them to better focus on their education.
♥ Promoting good health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation practices at school in early life is important. It helps kids gain knowledge and life skills needed to make positive health-related decisions. 

The Feeding Programme gets its food from local smallholder farmers and strives to achieve the UN's Zero Hunger Challenge and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UN’s World Food Programme used to cover this school’s feeding programme. They handed over this responsibility to the Kenyan Government, who hopefully will soon take over from us.

How can you support?

Moto Moto has a collection of bracelets of which profits will go to the kids' school meals. Each bracelet features the names of a student that you are helping! Click here to read more about this collection.

Additionally, we have launched a fundraising page through which you can donate. Click here to read more on that.

How does the Feeding Programme work?

Watch the below video to show how your donations are directly being used to buy the school meals.