Meet our partners

Moto Moto connects you to unique, ethical and “moto moto” (or “hot hot”) designs from around Africa. So you can #GetYourAfriqueOn in beautiful fashion while empowering the artisans who made your clothes and jewellery.

Moto Moto partners for jewellery in Kenya

Moto Moto partners with artisans who are skilled at beautiful crafts. Such as women in Hargeisa, capital of the self-declared Republic of Somaliland, who dye our fabrics by hand.

These crafts have often been handed down for generations, though they are constantly adapted to modern-day techniques and styles. Moto Moto supports artisans to keep these traditions alive.

Moto Moto fabrics made in Hargeisa Somaliland Somalia

The Moto Moto items are all unique and wearing them, will make you look "hot hot". You will feel empowered in your Moto Moto piece!

On top of that, your Moto Moto piece is empowering! Your purchase supports the livelihood of artisans and their extended families. You promote sustainable and ethical fashion, which strives to generate zero waste.

Be empowered and empower others. You can have it all, when wearing your Moto Moto designs.

Moto Moto partners for embroidery in Kenya

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