About Moto Moto

Moto Moto has as its mission to connect communities around the world through edgy and ethical fashion that tells a story.

Moto Moto brings together artisans around Africa who have lots of talent and who love to showcase crafts which have been passed on for generations.

All Moto Moto collections have beautiful stories linked to them, because our collections represent the culture of the artisans who made your dress, necklace, or other Moto Moto item.

Also, Moto Moto ensures that its Artisans around Africa have a chance to expand their business, to earn a fair income and to get increased access to social services. The "Bracelets for Meals" collection positively impacts an entire community, because profits from this collection fund daily school meals for children in Dagoretti, Kenya. Thus far we have funded over 75,500 school meals.

Moto Moto dresses tie dye Hargeisa


Our Moto Moto clients include empowered and fierce people who are looking for a fashion statement that is as unique as they are. All Moto Moto pieces are made with passion and by hand. Therefore, every item is one of a kind and includes small variations that are to be cherished.

Feel on top of your game when wearing your Moto Moto fashion and empower the artisans who made your clothes and jewellery!

Bracelets for School Meals in Dagoretti Kenya

★  Say what?!

Moto Moto are two Kiswahili words that mean 'Hot Hot' in English.

The African continent includes 54 countries and 1000s of languages! So Kiswahili is only one of the many languages spoken around Africa.

The Moto Moto team members are true polyglots, speaking an average of four languages each. The main language of communication for the Moto Moto team is Kiswahili.

The name 'Moto Moto' is the perfect fit for this fashion brand, because Moto Moto brings you hot hot fashion that looks good and does right!

Metallic Dresses by Moto Moto


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