About Moto Moto

Moto Moto has as its mission to connect communities around the world through breathtaking fashion and arts. 

Moto Moto gives you the opportunity to embrace designs from around Africa and to explore different cultures. All Moto Moto pieces have inspirational stories behind them, because our collections represent the culture of the artisans who made your pieces by hand. 

Also, Moto Moto ensures that its Artisans around Africa have a chance to expand their business, to earn a fair income and to get increased access to social services. The "Bracelets for Meals" collection positively impacts an entire community, because profits from this collection fund daily school meals for children in Dagoretti, Kenya. Thus far we have funded over 75,500 school meals.

Moto Moto dresses tie dye Hargeisa
Bracelets for School Meals in Dagoretti Kenya

★  Say what?!

“Moto Moto” means “hot hot” in Kiswahili, a language spoken in East Africa. Moto Moto brings you hot, edgy and ethical designs from around Africa. Kiswahili is one of the many languages spoken in Africa.

Metallic Dresses by Moto Moto

★ How it got started

Moto Moto was established in July 2018 by me, Valery Joanne Super.

For several years, my husband and I have been living, working and travelling in Africa. We studied in South Africa, worked in Africa’s Great Lakes region, hitchhiked in the back of a pineapple truck through Mozambique, landed an airplane in Madagascar, slept at the edge of an active volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo, enjoyed Nile-view dinners in Sudan and walked along Somali beaches.

I was working as an international criminal law expert at missions from the United Nations and European Union. I wanted a career change. I wanted to work closely with the inspiring people I met during my travels. That is how I decided to create a platform to share their unique designs, stories and cultures with you.

★ What is next

As the success of Moto Moto increases, we grow our partnerships across the continent. We employ more tailors, jewellery makers and other artisans. We increase our impact on livelihoods in the region and support educational projects, professional trainings and access to social services.


For inquiries, send us a message via this contact page.

★ Valery  

Valery Super founder of Moto Moto