Plaid Collection

That perfect comfy dress that you have been looking for...
That dress that brightens up your day...

Discover Moto Moto's plaid dresses made with love in Kenya.

The Maasai Shuka fabric of which your dress is made
The Maasai Shuka is a fabric that reflects a culture which is as vibrant as its colours. The Maasai Shuka fabric is traditionally worn by the Maasai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania. The Maasai are known as great conservationists that live in harmony with nature. They protect the forests, savannas and rivers in their home and thanks to their focus on sustainability we are able to live, travel and work in the beautiful eco systems around Kenya and Tanzania. Traditional Maasai attire includes colourful Maasai Shuka fabrics, often in red and blue shades.

Spot those stunning glass beads on your dress?
Those are not just regular beads. These are recycled glass beads which are made by members of the Krobo tribe in Ghana, by using a centuries old technique.
The beads are created from crushing recycled glass into powder. The colour of the bead will depend on the colour of glass used, as there is no dye added.
The powdered glass is placed in a mold made of compacted, dried mud and sand, then a cassava plant stem is pushed through the center of the powder. The mold is placed into a kiln, where the glass bead is heated and the cassava plant stem burns leaving a hole in the bead. The sandy texture of the mold creates the frosty and uneven finishing of the beads.