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Who made your jewellery?

Who made your jewellery?

Who made your jewellery? Let's find out!

Meet Moto Moto Partner Joseph - TOP 2Meet Joseph, who is based in Nairobi, Kenya and has been designing jewellery for 11 years.

Joseph is self-taught. He learned to design and craft jewellery by lots of practice.

His expertise at this skill is visible in the detail of his work. The quality of the beads he uses as well as his beading techniques, are top-notch.

Most importantly, Joseph has got a feel for jewellery design. His products draw crowds in Nairobi and we want our international Moto Moto clients to get access as well.

Kenya’s jewellery tradition

Since centuries, Kenya has had a beautiful jewellery tradition. Materials to make the jewellery include glass, clay, bone, copper as well as recycled plastics.

Around Kenya there are different tribes who make exquisite jewellery and attach various meanings to designs and colour patterns. The Maasai tribes love using red beads, symbolising strength and unity. The Samburu warriors commonly wear a thin chain along their chin and looped behind their ears, indicating their social status and age group.

How is a Moto Moto jewellery collection developed?

Joseph and Valery, the founder of Moto Moto, meet up to discuss the new collection. In the collection they mix traditional styles with new design elements. 

Moto Moto partner - Joseph - CentreOnce the designs are finalised, Joseph takes charge of the beading process and the other Moto Moto partners involved. 

All pieces of jewellery are made by hand. Depending on the design, it can take several hours to several days to finalise one single item.

As a result, every piece of jewellery is unique.

Dreaming about beads 

The longest Joseph has worked on one piece of jewellery? One month! Some jewellery items are very detailed and require lots of patience and time.

Patience is particularly important when working with small beads and sharp tools. One time such a tool went through Joseph’s finger. Luckily it healed, because the doctors were already talking about an amputation.

A challenge that Joseph has encountered in his work is vague orders. One day a client ordered a specific piece and did not give clear guidance on what she wanted. That night, Joseph dreamt about the perfect jewellery for this client. He says, it was as if God helped him with this idea. The next morning, Joseph started beading the jewellery. The client was elated about the result.

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